Cool sh*t!

I’m very excited to report that one of my 14 New Year’s resolutions is going well. I have made it through the most HYSTERICAL book Sh*t My dad Says and it’s only Jan 12th. (Yes, this is absolutely the kind of classic literature that I had in mind.) The book is a collection of short stories and quotes from Justin Halpern’s father. Justin started a Twitter account to share his father’s hysterical one liners and before he knew it media outlets and book deals were (literally) knocking on his front door. I strongly recommend this for anyone that needs a good laugh (i.e. EVERYONE). This is great new (both the content of the book and the fact that I’ve actually read it) but the icing on the cake is that I’ve also been knitting! Now I haven’t actually completed a single full pair of socks yet, but I have started 3 that, IMHO, are going to be cool sh*t…





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  1. Me

    Beautiful! Great beginnings!

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