The New Jersey Beetle

Yesterday was a big day for The Beetle, she officially became a legal resident of the state of New Jersey!

It was really quite the understated transformation:



...and after!

…and after!

For a mere $350 (for a new rear O2 sensor…and the $729 belt she bought herself for Christmas, but never mind…) she now has a set of lovely yellow plates that complement her vortex blue paint.

As much as I enjoy griping about the hassle and expense of the NJ state vehicle inspection (and the resulting required Beetle repairs), I have to admit that it’s nice to know the most densely populated state in the good old US-of-A is doing what it can to ensure safe and environmentally friendly vehicles are on the road. Never mind the bloated luxury SUVs that many a soccer mom/house wife drive around town or the hand-made Italian sports cars (think 0-60 in ~3 sec and requiring a change of shorts when your done sort of car) that their sons and husbands enjoy (when not being delivered to their destination by their driver of course). Yes, never mind those…


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3 responses to “The New Jersey Beetle

  1. Welcome to New Jersey little bug! You’re so cute! 🙂

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