A special thanks to Bruno and my sweet animals (and states)

I usually really really like the Super Bowl. I like the intensity of the game, the ingenious commercials and the over-the-top halftime show. Unfortunately, we only went a miserable 1/3 this year…too bad this was a football game and not baseball, eh?…and while I do appreciate that my close, personal friend Bruno had the performance of the night, I doubt it would have killed anyone if a just a few other people showed up to the game.

Fortunately, Queen Penny and I had the pleasure of attending a pre-Superbowl bake-a-thon that essentially made up for the lack of actual Superbowl.


Thanks to Dr. Allison for the genius cookie cutters (genius = squirrel, flamingo and cowboy boot … What do you mean that is strange? Pffff!! What’s wrong with you?!), to Dr. Samia for the cookie-cutting/baking/frosting-help and to Dr. Alex for being the very best taste-tester of overly salty chocolate chip cookie dough ! (It isn’t every day…hmmm…or ever…until now…that I give someone a handful of chocolate chip cookie dough to eat and within 5 seconds find them spitting it all directly into the trash can, complete with sound effects and horrified facial expressions!)

Note 1: Rock salt does not go in cookie dough.

The good news is that these efforts were well worth it as illustrated by an abundance of pink flamingoes, blue squirrels, red cowboy boots and North Carolina and Minnesotans sporting a variety of political and social interests themes.



Caution! See above and note #2 below for details.



These boots are made for eating!


My favorite 🙂

Note 2: Overly salty cookie dough –> overly salty cookies. At least it doesn’t make them any less pretty. Right? :-/


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2 responses to “A special thanks to Bruno and my sweet animals (and states)

  1. sophiebowns

    So cute!

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