Happy Birthday Dr. Samia photo travesty!

I’m not sure how I allowed this to happen, but there is only one single photo to share from all of the events of the weekend!


This little gem was taken during the later part of Dr. Samia’s birthday party at an awesome little divey beer pub in Hoboken. Dr. Trot Someone got too excited when she thought there was a “schlafey coffee” beer on the menu only to be corrected that in fact it was a “schlafly coffee” beer (whatever the hell that is). Oops!

A second oops was that they were OUT of this shlafly coffee! 😮 Total crisis was averted and the day was thankfully saved by one shake chocolate porter instead. 🙂

The long story short is that Dr. Annebelle and I had a fantastic weekend of eating (at Cafe44 and PJ’s Pancake House which both warrant a restaurant review…sometime soon…maybe), shopping (Greene Street Consignment is the best and colorful wedding shoes are way fun to troll the depths of the internet for) and trail-blazing running around P-ton.

The other long story (not short) is that one of my favorite partners in crime behaving well is one year older and over the last 6.5 years I’ve somehow amassed quite the lovely collection of photos illustrating the aforementioned good behaviors.

Happy Birthday Dr. Samia!


This is what you get for ruining the photo Dimitris.


T-minus a few hrs until finishing a marathon on a broken leg.


Dr. Marmia!!


Naked Dr. Samia!


Still naked...


You're never too old for carbon nano-tubes.


You are ALWAYS too old for whatever the hell these are.


Yay for broke-leg-free half marathons!


Happy Birthday from the past!! 🙂

Happy Birthday Babe!

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