I am very excited to report no raging complaints breaking news from the week.

For once, in what seems like a great while, I was able to work a series of normal-person work days and sleep normal person nights. Yay for both of those!

I had the energy to dress like an adult in the mornings…


Adult Dr. Trot

…and log some nice, warmer miles in the afternoon.


Dr. T finally showing some skin!

Yay for both of those as well.

Our department had its first recruiting weekend of the year over the last two days. Now to be perfectly honest it was nothing compared to the insanity excitement of a MN recruiting weekend, a good time was had by all. Three nights of wining and dining doesn’t need a side of missbehavior excitement to be a good time.

What is also going to be a good time is my run this morning (another one in shorts and a tank top in case you were wondering 🙂 and then pottery studio for the afternoon with my buddy K.

Happy lazy relaxing Sunday!


Lazy Bums

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