Hair, nails and pots

The week has been relatively/unusually/suspiciously calm. 5 normalish work days topped of with a few episodes of The Bachelor (don’t ask/judge) and a few beers.

I finally used one of the not so subtle hints generous birthday gift certificates I got from Dr. Annebelle to a spa in my “neighborhood” on Saturday morning. I quite desperately needed the hair cut and deep conditioning treatment, have never had a facial before and I haven’t had my nails done since my trip to CT to see the good Dr, so WTH not 🙂

The good news is that now my hair is much less likely to spontaneously combust while still on my head,





my hands and feet could pass for those of an adult,

and while the facial was nice, I don’t see myself becoming addicted to another salon service that isn’t weighted highly by NIH when setting postdoc salaries. The hysterical news is that for from 9-12 am yesterday morning I was absolutely 100% without a doubt (none…zero…zilch…) in the middle of The Real Housewives of New Jersey! The makeup and jewelry and accents and makeup and jewelry and clothes and makeup and jewelry and conversations where so much noise is made but nothing really ever is said and have I mentioned makeup and jewelery? In addition to (and maybe even more importantly than) transforming back into an adult state from grubby postdoc I’d become, I really felt like this experience was a true taste of Saturday morning in New Jersey for a female. Having been here for 7 months now, it’s high time that I get in at least some of these cultural experiences under my belt. Thank you Dr. Annebelle for making that happen (and resolving the fire hazard that had accumulated on my head 🙂

So now this morning, like the genius that I am, off I went to the pottery studio with my pretty new haircut and shiny new nails. Brilliant. Fortunately only a minimal amount of damage was done and I got to pick up some of my finished creations.



While this New Year’s resolution is still a work in progress, progress being made. 🙂

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