Check out The Role of Metabolism in Bacterial Persistence!

If you have been particularly insightful, you may have noticed my subtle hinting at the crazy-last-minute-scramble-to-get-things-done approach that I feel is my new reality. You may have notice particular grumbling about the implementation of this SOP while writing a review article in January.

Anyway, given that you had to endure the process, I figure it’s only fair that you also have to endure the finished product! How nice of me, right? 😉 Yesterday morning I woke up to an email announcing that our review is now out and that… “this article is an open access publication, which means that it is freely accessible to any reader anywhere in the world. We encourage you to share the article link with your co-authors and colleagues who may be interested in your work or in this type of research.” TADA!! 

Enjoy The Role of Metabolism in Bacterial Persistence and you’re most welcome 🙂


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