Where have you been?!?!

Where have you been?!?!


It’s not you?

It’s me?

Well, I suppose that is kind of true.

However, in my defense (Dr. Trot is never short on offensive strategies — which conveniently often also work out to be great defense…anyway…) I tried to write you a nice little post explaining what kind of weekend was waiting in store for us. Actually, let me revise that — Dr. Trot DID write you a very nice and VERY LONG…as in not little at all…descriptive post LAST THURSDAY while en route to the land of Colin Kaeppernick and Timbuk2. I told you all about how well the weekend trip was CA starting off…how my sprint for the train in my top-of-the-line-sprinting-kit was successful–


Sprinting kit.

and how EWR managed to get us up in the air after only a 1 hr delay. I also told you all about the great plans for the weekend —

to bake up a storm of lemon flavored goodies in order to take advantage of (but a very small fraction of) the wonderful fresh lemons in the back yard,



to run the Berkeley hills until Dr. Trot’s opposite-of-in-shape-legs refuse to take another step (this particular activity took an embarrassingly short amount of time),



to pig out on West Coast sushi (this may or may not be inversely related to the Berkeley Hills predicament above)



and to hang out with the local characters for a change of pace from the norm.


Just a couple of the neighbors.

Unfortunately, Dr. Trot can be a TOTAL EFFING IDIOT and took this opportunity to demonstrate just that. Upon finishing your pre-weekend post and a second (most thoughtful and thorough) post pertaining to the current state of funding for basic research projects (as well as a number of important emails) Dr. Trot closed her iPad and tossed it in her bag with her wireless keyboard. She did not disconnect the Bluetooth and proceeded to mindlessly shlep aforementioned items around until the next day.

This was quite the unfortunate start to the weekend, as upon waking up, Dr. Trot realized that the otherwise-wonderful wireless + Bluetooth keyboard had been indiscriminately entering passwords as it clattered around in the bag and had deactivated the whole damn iPad!!! x-(

Long story short is that everything I did on the plane was lost.

Gone. Bienvenedo. Adios. Ciao. Sayonara.

Also gone were the 1.5 hrs we then had to spend at the horrible Apple store while the Appleteers wiped my OS and restored it to factory settings. Barf. x-(

The good news is that strained relationship between iPad and I subsequently resulted in a minimum amount of online time over the weekend and many things to tell you about now that our relationship is on the mend. 🙂

Fasten your seat belts, a full account of the weekend activities will coming shortly.

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