Spring (as defined by biking)

I’m pretty sure that this weekend is actually the beginning of spring. Evidence to support this hypothesis includes:

1. I went on my first biking adventure (complete with too many ninja-potholes, construction, traffic, off-roading and a medium sized equipment failure…never mind that there was a ~100mph headwind regardless of the direction we were riding and pretty much froze our a$$es off from start to finish) of the year yesterday with Dr. S


2. Mode of transportation to work today = Miss. Celest



3. Today’s running outfit includes neither pants nor sleeves


(this may or may not be totally stupid…see #1 above)

Quite frankly it’s a bit of a relief that things are finally on the upswing here (to any Minnesotans that just read that, please don’t come here to kill me). This year’s training season for the annual Team CEMS Marathon is going to be starting up in a few short weeks and the one thing I feel NJ can afford to me is a mild training during the months of April and May. Hopefully we can see eye to eye on this. Stay tuned for this years CEMS team “race” weekend plan!

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