Best. Roommate. Ever.

I have the very best roommate. Ever.

She is wicked smart and funny and talented and thoughtful and independent and strong and beautiful. She is the most wonderful person to call on when you are faced with a serious moving endeavor (twice), when you run your car battery bone dry by being a total idiot, when you need a morning of coffee drinking therapy or a night of on the town shinanigans. She’s the person you’d want by your side when you’re committing a felony or swimming towards a waterfall (hypothetically speaking…of course…) She’s the type of person that can see the humor of holding a wedding dress in one hand and a 50 lb puppy covered in dog shit in the other, and is game for doing what you must to sport a variety of swim suits on vacation while everyone else looks on in disgust. She’s a damn good shot with a hand gun, splits wood as well as anyone I’ve ever seen, has a hell of a garden and is a fantastic cook.

As if all of this isn’t impressive enough, 10 years, 5 apartments, 2 houses, boyfriends, husbands and 2000 miles later, she knows exactly how and when to make a persons day/week/month.

Waiting for me at home, after a Saturday at work, was this —



This = a bag of home-made chocolate chip espresso cookies, a caffeine necklace, an awesome card and the very best note on the planet.

Smadj, it’s friends like you that make the fun parts of life fun and the shitty parts bearable. Thank you for the most wonderful surprise tonight. Thank you for making my day/week/month And thank you for being the BEST DAMN ROOMMATE EVER.

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