My goodness it’s been a while again! I would like to justify this by telling you about all of the great places I’ve been and all of the trotting that I’ve been doing. Unfortunately, this would just make a me a huge liar…and would probably not actually be all that great in the end as I have a rather crappy imagination. Booooo….

So what has been going on this week. Well, there has been some marathon training, we are officially in Week #1 right now. 🙂 I ran a whole 3 miles on Tuesday morning…

and another 5 today.

So far so good (thank god)!

Last weekend a friend of Dr. Samia and I came to visit from MN. Well, Dr. Mazar is actually from the lovely Garden State originally, but is working in MN now. Anyway, Dr. Mazar is probably the coolest uncle on the planet because he came for the weekend soley to attend his niece’s 3rd birthday party! While Dr. S and I would like to think he came to visit us, his wonderful graduate school friends, deep down I think we both know better. That didn’t stop us from having a fantastic, very non-marathon training, time…


Hoika and beer...


...and pie for breakfast...


...and 1/2...


...and 2/2 home made GRILLED pizzas for dinner.

On a healthier note (kind of…and I’m really not the best at making smooth transitions out of thin air…), GRANDPA TURNED 90 THIS WEEK!! I wish I had a photo of him to post for a proper birthday shout out, but somehow I do not x-( In short, grandpa has been a lumber-jack (cutting down trees well into his eighties because no one else can do it quite right), a professional wrestler (I’d tell you to Google-search “Michigan Slim” but this was bit before Google’s time), a hunter (never mind that he shot the end of his own finger off once after it wandered its way over the end of the gun barrel…I don’t know that I’m supposed to talk about this, so shhhhhh…), a mill-er and maybe a miner as well. Anyway, the moral of the story is that Gramps was/is pretty damn cool and Dr. Trot should be ashamed of herself for not having one damn incriminating picture to post for the big 9-0. I guess that also means Gramps was/is sufficiently stealthy…not half bad for 6’4″ and NINE decades 😀

And with that — Happy Birthday niece Mazar! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA! And happy first week of marathon training!

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