Long lost Dr. Trot is back!

My god! It has been a long time! To be exact, it has been since the week before the Hampton’s Marathon (which was AWESOME btw, but we will do –although delayed — justice to that in a separate post).

Things have been crazy…no, CRAZY…no, CRAZY since then. CRAZY.

Long story short, these (most of which will get their very own individual post over the next few weeks) are what have been going:

End of September:
1. Had an awesome marathon weekend/week with family and friends in the Hamptons, NJ and NYC.
2. Came back to MN for some quality family time in the hometown and then to Minneapolis for my sister’s beautiful wedding.
3. Did not get ANY of the funding that we applied for over the summer/fall –> Dr. Trot will be fired/laid off/not renewed at the end of February x-(
4. Frantically started looking for jobs.
5. Began pulling data together from the last 1.5 yrs to write up and submit for publication ASAP.
6. Kept looking for jobs and started getting interviews!
7. Submitted paper!
8. Interviewed for jobs and got offers!!! –> Dr. Trot is very excited that she will not be jobless/homeless on March 1st! šŸ˜€
9. Accepted a most unexpected job to begin on March 2nd šŸ˜€
10. Hogged all of the lab benchtops, Bunsen burners, flasks, test tubes, shaker space, and incubator space worked through Christmas (minus a most excellent Christmas Eve spent in Brooklyn) and (in)conveniently ventured back to the tundra in time for a frigid New Year’s, sister’s birthday and first week of 2015 šŸ˜€

I’ll look forward to catching you up on the details of the above ASAP šŸ™‚

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