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Hamptons Marathon Training – Week 3

Sunday 6/2
5 lovely miles through the rolling hills of Berkeley

Monday 6/3
2000 miles (from CA back to the lovely NJ)

Tuesday 6/4

Wednesday 6/5
5 fat, slow, painful, sluggish, water balloon mascarading as a Dr. Trot, miles
warm, but not that warm
It was one of those runs that was just great to be finally done with and makes you appreciate the days when running doesn’t suck :-/

Thursday 6/6
5 after work miles — soooooooo much better than yestereday
+ The Bachelorette viewing (complete with a dinner of cookies and chips)

Friday 6/7
rest day
+ NYC trip #2 in 3 weeks 🙂
In related news, have you ever wondered what $9 million can get you on the lower west side? If so, wonder no longer…

You’re welcome.

Saturday 6/8
11 morning NYC miles — up from the Lower West side to Central Park, through the park (complete with a few hundred of my cyclist friends…

…and a smattering of my beloved public water fountains…

…take note NJ, take note), and back down town (complete with a game of tourist + trash heap Frogger)
+ a day of trekking…and shopping…

…and eating (at Merci, Isabella and Otto)…

…all over my favorite city in the world. 🙂 A wonderful weekend 🙂

Total: 26 miles
It was nice to get some more miles in this week and get the first double digit long run under the belt. Days are heating up, work is piling up and the weekly milage is creeping up. It’s finally summer 🙂


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Hamptons Marathon Training – Week 2

Sunday 5/25
Recovery from Saturday night day

Monday 5/26
7 warm, informative, evening miles
Lessons learned:
1) No running on the tow path with out glasses in the summer
2) No running at night without glasses in the summer
3) No running after a rain without glasses in the summer
4) A gazillion little bugs feel good in neither the eyes nor the lungs

Tuesday 5/27
3 afternoon miles — without glasses.
Lessons learned:
4) No running in the afternoon without glasses in the summer
5) Dr. Trot is an idiot

Wednesday 5/28

Thursday 5/29
CA travel day with Penelope 🙂 via EWR 😦


Happy Reunion!

(+ futile 2 mile walk to and from the Tiger Card and transportation offices in hopes of getting my new ID card and parking pass given my new appointment extension through January…which is apparently NOT in the system yet. 😦

Friday 5/30
5 morning miles down to the bay and back
It was a cool morning — requiring long sleeves for the first few miles (thank you California! :-/ The run was nice, through residential areas and on a slow but steady decline all the way out to the bay. Good thing it took me ~2.5 miles to finally warm up so I could handle the climb home!

This was followed by refueling with a most excellent brunch at Squat and Gobble


Veggie Crepe @ Squat and Gobble

and then a trip to the SF Zoo for some QT as a butterfly!

Who needs to trot when you can fly instead?!?!

Saturday 5/31
More refuling?

With salads and beers 🙂
This counts, right?

Total: 15 miles
Not exactly high milage, but this was just the way it had to be this week. Low milage and a lot of good RnR and delicious refueling 🙂

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Hamptons Marathon Training – Week 1

Sunday 5/18
4 mi

Monday 5/19


Unless you count snuggling with Penelope...which I suppose I do.

Tuesday 5/20
3 morning miles — cool outside and very nice
pushups and crunches — damn lucky to have made it in there

Wednesday 5/21
Crazy work day 1/3 for the week

Thursday 5/22
Crazy work day 2/3 for the week
5 evening miles — warm and humid but nice

Friday 5/23
Crazy work day 3/3 for the week + The Bachelorette viewing in the evening (no judging…)

Saturday 5/24
5 pre-bachelorette party (mismatched and rushed and slightly lost for a mile or so) miles


Proof of survival.

And then a big night of
mischief making…


Plotting over bottles of Don.





...and after.

and drinking…


and singing and dancing…

(of which there is conveniently no photographic evidence)

and fireworks!!


Safety first...

yay Dr. AnneBelle 🙂

(And of course recovery breakfast at Penn station…


Y.U.M. 🙂

Total: 17 miles
Not such a high milage week, but that’s the way Week #1 should be. The miles felt good and the off days did too. 😉 As the temps and miles ramp up hopefully all will keep feeling this way!

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The off-season workout schedule. FINALLY!

So there hasn’t been anything running-workout related on here lately simply because there haven’t been many runs 😦 First it was crazy F32 writing time, then it was persister metabolism review writing time and then it was getting sick in royal fashion over the holidays time. (note: time = insanity)

Since the start of the new year I have had a small handful of good runs:
1. 6 mi – nothing special about them, other than it being nice to get them in
2. 6 mi just after it snowed – a great total body workout, dare I say even better than trail running
3. 5 mi – partially on nice salted streets, partially baahaa-ing along the uncleared tow-path, a good work out beyond it just being good to be out
4. 4 mi – nothing special aside from the fact that I think I really am on the road to recovery now 🙂 knock on wood…

Soooo…with these under our belt and me (maybe prematurely) feeling like I’m ready to get back in the swing of things. I (uncharacteristically) made good use of my downtime and have drafted a training plan for the next few months that cuts back on the long run but includes a couple of speed days during the week, a run in my evil Vibrams and core strength training! Finally!

The initial plan is going to be roughly as follows:

M: rest
T: track
W: up to 3 mi Vibrams run
Th: ~4-5 mi tempo run
F: rest
Sa: long run (easy 8-12 mi)
Su: recovery run (easy 4-5 mi)

Track: I’m planing to rotate 4 interval workouts (short, mid, long and mixed), 1/wk, in the schedule. They will start off as:

Short = 6 x 400m
Middle = 4 x 800m
Long = 3 x 2000m
Mixed = 1 x 1600, 1000, 600, 200

Given that I don’t drop dead right there on the track from any of the above, I’ll continue and up the repeats as possible (max 1/distance) the next month. Each track workout will begin with a warm up jog to the track and a cool down jog back home to work (lets be honest)


The current state of affairs under my desk.

Keeping the workout short but productive is the main goal. Working/strengthening different muscle groups will be great for getting a jump start on training in the spring. After a month we’ll evaluate how things have gone and adjust as necessary.

Vibrams: so I got these crazy probably great, barefoot running shoes like 4 yrs ago and haven’t quite mastered using them yet. (Dr. Trot really is a genius you know.) So far I have managed to over-run my calves to the point of not being able to walk properly for a week or run for a month, broken one toe and given myself generally too-sore-to-make-sense calves when I use them on any sort of a regular basis. I don’t know if it’s because I’m too heavy or I run funny (I run on grass or on trails in these things, definitely NOT on the sidewalk or the road) but I’m going to get to the bottom of it, slowly. Starting with as little as 1 or 1.5 miles and working my way slowly up to 3. At that point, however long that may take, I’ll reevaluate.

Tempo: Given that I’m not going to be putting in soooo many miles, I may as well get used running some of those miles faster, on tired legs. That’s what this tempo run (and its placement in the week) is hopefully going to do for me. Again, after a month or so I’ll reevaluate.

ALSO, I will be FINALLY incorporating much overdue strength training into each work outs! I want to focus on the “core muscles” (abs, back, obliques) and stretching out my old lady hip that is always tightening up on me. Hopefully, these guys will do the trick for me:

1. Kneeling hip-flexor stretch
2. Superman
3. Metronome
4. Crunches
5. Plank (+lift)
6. Side plank (+lift)
7. Supine plank
8. Pushups

In short I’ll be going through these 8 pains in my core little treasures (x2) after the Vibrams run, the long run and the recovery run (3x per week) and doing abs and pushups only on the other 4 days of the week (rest days included). More details on each of the 8 treasures will be posted soon.

Alrighty, I think/hope (for my sake and yours) that’s everything that I wanted to share for now. I’ll keep you posted on how we’re doing so wish the good doctor some luck! Again, this is with both of our best interests in mind…

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Strength Training

As you all know I’ve been blabber on about incorporating strength training into my workouts. So far there has been a lot of talk and little action. Well, now that I’m not in the midst of a training season or a nasty work schedule (knock on wood) I’ve run fresh out of excuses. SOOOO, to start things out, here is a pretty nice little article on the importance of strength training from Runner’s World. There are links to useful follow-up articles through out (making all of our lives easier 🙂

Strength Training

Strength Training

Strength training is a supplement to a runner’s roadwork because it strengthens muscles and joints, which can improve race times and decrease injury risk.

If you want to perform at your full potential, you need to take a comprehensive approach to your running. That means targeting areas of fitness you may not normally pay attention to, like flexibility, balance, mobility, and strength. Studies have shown that strength training can improve body composition by helping you maintain or increase your lean body mass and can decrease your percentage of body fat, helping you look leaner and burn additional calories.

Not sure where you stand? Take our tests to find out how fit you are.

This is a very humbling informative self evaluation and gives you a good sense of where you are (or are not) starting from.

Incorporate strength training into your running regimen

So I am personally NOT a fan of the gym. I would much rather use some free weigths at home to supplement body weight and resitance bands for strength training. But, to each their own. If you do fancy the gym, also do avoid these weight-lifting mistakes.

  • Take a class if you’re unsure about how to strength train on your own.

See above comment. The same applies to classes for me. I’d rather read on my own and talk to someone personally than shackle myself to a class.

I have done a bit of yoga and really liked it, but don’t have it as part of my current training regime for logisitcal difficulties of attending a class (and my lack of personal ability to fly yoga-solo). Pilates, no thank you. Gyotonics, WTF? But again, to each their own…

YES!! 🙂

  • Integrate cross-training into your workout routine to build strength and flexibility in muscles that running doesn’t utilize and prevent injury. Try cycling or swimming to improve strength and flexibility.

YES!! While I don’t can’t swim, I love biking. I haven’t done nearly enough of this recently and need to get back on/off (which one is it?) the wagon. I suppose I should also learn how to swim.

Say goodbye to the long run?!?! WHAT? IMHO this is absolute garbage advise!! I’d say keep the long run and ditch another mid-distance run for some high-intensity, low-volume running. Or, alternate week for the long run and H-I, L-V workouts. But to ditch the long run? Put down the crack pipe!


Gain total body strength. Multiple studies show that regular strength training can improve running economy-how efficiently the body uses oxygen-by as much as eight percent, translating into greater speed and more muscle endurance. And it makes sense for runners to focus on their most important body part—their legs.

Try these workouts to strengthen your lower body:

Not the area that I personally need to focus on first, but obviously not a bad area for a runner to spend some time.

But strong legs require a solid foundation. When you run, your abdominal and back muscles fire to stabilize your spine. Strengthening your core will help your legs also grow stronger.

YES!! Well, kind of. Yes = necessary (but painful) for me.

Try these workouts for a stronger core:

I need to rotate all of these into the mix, with an emphasis on the core, back and abs. Ready, set, go!

The best distance athletes don’t just have impressive quads and glutes. They have muscular arms and shoulders that help them maintain speed throughout their races.

Try these workouts for a stronger upper body:


Yes! And this one is going to be fun for me. I’ve natrually had a pretty easy time building and maintaining arm strength. This sounds like a good place to start!

Do a little of everything:

For a workout plan that incorporates all three muscle groups, try our Get-Strong Plan for a total body strengthening regiment.

Not a bad idea at all.

Just don’t forget the importance of rest and recovery. If you occasionally take a break from training while still maintaining fitness, you will come back a stronger runner.

Yes and yes. Rest and recovery are absolutely essential. (In all seriousness….)

Ok, so personally, I will start by focusing on my core, back, abs and arms. My plan is to construct a running schedule that works strengthing all of these areas in with long, H-I L-V and recovery runs.

Stay tuned because there will be more riviting details to follow as finally get my act together!


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Week 18 + 1

Mon 11/18 – walking normally but allowing stairwell descents to be a bit of a spectator sport

Prying myself out of bed was not the easiest or prettiest this morning. Thankfully nothing really hurts but the quads are strung high as an assistant professor at an Ivy League institution (but let’s save that for another day). My sweet new shirt and chauffeur hat (Thank you Drs. Hill!! 🙂 from the weekend did ease the pain a bit though. Or, maybe it was the vat of Ben-Gay that I bathed in…hmmm… In related news, my office mates love me.


Overall things are just fine. I do find the following to be helpful for speeding up recovery the first few days after a marathon, today included…

1. Make a point to keep moving to help loosen things up and prevent stiffness from setting in. Get up and move around at least every 30 min or so if you’re shackled to a desk by chains masquerading as an NIH proposal (or any other detestable pile of papers)
2. Carefully rub out sore muscles (+\- Ben-Gay as your office mates and housemates sense of humor allows) and ice swollen parts.
3. Ideally after #2, carefully stretch out the legs, arms, back and whatever other parts are being egocentric. Apply more ice as appropriate. With any luck you’ll see yourself making progress here over the course of the day.
4. Drink lots of water and snack on fruits, veggies and whole grains as hungry. I always find myself feeling dehydrated and hungry when I wake up the morning after (imagine that 😉 Taking in lots of fluids and healthy, easily converted to energy, fuel seems to alleviate some of the problems.

Tues 11/19 – walking and stairs 

See yesterday’s post above (minus the outfit…In an uncharacteristic series of moves I showered and changed clothes on a day with no running)

Wed 11/20 – rest

I’m feeling just about back to normal today (loose definition of “normal”of course) aside from the growing F32 pain in my ass…

Thurs 11/21 – writing like a mad scientist

Please refer the latter part of Wed’s post (i.e. last 4 words). Thank you Dr. B.

Fri 11/22 – writing x-(


See former part of Thursday’s post (i.e. first 7 words and 1 number). Dr. B, you have successfully climbed to the top of my list. Congrats.

Sat 11/23 – 6 mi 🙂

Not my prettiest 6 miles, that’s for sure, but it was great to peel my ass off of my desk chair and get the legs turned over. I felt a little heavy overall but no big pains or tight spots 🙂 The lungs started their protest only a few miles in, but in their defense they are less than a week off of a pretty respectable fight and it has gotten chilly (45F) and drier. I’ll need to stay tuned into these changes as I form my winter/maintenance/building plan.

And of course, more writing…

Sun 11/24 – F32


Total mileage =  6 mi

I’m very happy with my recovery. No injuries, not any real soreness as of Wed and a run that was (quite frankly) not much worse than many 6 milers I’ve run this season.

Ok, so what next?

Well, between now and Dec. 8th there won’t be a whole hell of a lot of time for anything besides writing this lovely wretched F32 NIH postdoctoral fellowship application that I keep referring to. I have queue of items for which I need to write posts and said fellowship has taken a number. (Hopefully I’ll get to it before I’m back here complaining about not getting it.) In short an “F32” is a funding opportunity offered by the National Institute of Health (NIH) to postdoctoral researchers in the early stages of their career. The “F” stands for fellowship (contrary to any rational line of deductive reasoning which leads to another, much more appropriate, f-type word) and the “32” is beyond my (admittedly lame) imagination. Anyway, the NIH presents this opportunity as a nearly incomprehensible mountain of “directions” with more feedback loops than a process control Ph.D. thesis. The desperate postdoc and their advisor then, to the best of their combined abilities…and multiple terminal degrees…draft, wrangle, compile and submit the ~100 documents by the deadline of that funding cycle. Deadline for this funding cycle = December 8th. When Dr. Trot was informed (by an advisor that shall remain unidentified of course) that she would be applying for this = November 18th. Aforementioned anonymous advisor has made himself very unpopular…and Dr. Trot a very ornery busy girl.

So this is the immediate next. This is also a warning that I will continue to be scarce until late in the day on December 9th or early in the day on December 10. (It just depends upon how long the hangover lasts…getting old is rough!)

Other near future nexts:

1. Thanksgiving in CA! 🙂 Feast cooking + wine county touring 5 days = AWESOME
2. Queen Penny moves to NJ! Since Dr. M will be traveling back to the homeland in December, QP will be coming back to Nj with me for a vacation with her best friend Princess Pheona. They are excited.
3. Pottery class. (No, no that was not left field…)
4. The new winter training plan that will aim to build my core strength, speed and endurance while shedding some of the in-build Insulation that I brought with me from MN. Ouch. Hopefully also a 3:xx spring marathon as well. Patrick…


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Week 18 part 1

The marathon training season is over!! 😮

This is always a time of mixed feelings for me. On one hand, I’m one step shy of being on my knees thanking god that I don’t have to juggle the rest of my life around my stupid training runs. On the other hand, I already know that a very effed up part of me will miss the non-negotiable hour (or two or three) x4 days a week that are mine to be outside and physically active. Never mind that I’m also totally stoked about the upcoming race weekend and already think about what crazy plans to make next. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though, right?

For the next 48 hours, let’s just try to enjoy the present…

Register to track your favorite runners in the Gore-Tex Philadelphia Marathon

The four easy steps to make this happen are-

  1. Click on the link above
  2. Register as directed with an email address, username and password
  3. Search for all of your favorite runners by last name
  4. Select if you want to be alerted by text message, email, Facebook (or some other form of social media that I’m too old and/or nerdy to understand) as your favorite runners kick ass on Sunday

Once you do this, you should promptly (t<0.068 seconds) receive a confirmation message that you’re all set to go.

Fun fact: avoiding the cell phone’s “silent” setting on Sunday will help facilitate timely updates.

If you are so lucky as to be in the Philadelphia area on Sunday, come join in the fun by cheering us on and enjoying all that the after party has to offer. In particular, keep your eyes peeled for the very stylish Team CEMS…

1/4 Team CEMS

1/4 Team CEMS

Monday 11/11 – rest

Tues 11/12 – 4 mi

It’s chilly (30 F) out!! And someone wasn’t smart enough to pack appropriate attire to comfortably battle said chill. What an idiot. Although, this does lead to quick 4 mile runs…

Wed 11/13 – rest

Thurs 11/14 – 8 mi

So it’s still chilly (30 F) out but the aforementioned “someone” has learned from her mistake and dug out the right clothes for non-NJ summer running (see Tuesday 11/12…contrary to popular belief this does happen once in a while…). Threads: Insulated and “compression” Champion tights and long-sleeved shirt, awesome Arc’teryx Solano jacket


The cool weather running clothes have made their debut in NJ…


…on the tow path…

Thus, this someone froze her ass off significantly less than she did on Tuesday and logged a more modestly paced and beautiful final run of this training season!


…along the canal…


…and lake Carnagie.

Fri 11/15 – rest

Rest = transition from excited to super excited for Sunday + spend the day working hard perfecting my playlist for Sunday + packing and repacking 593x what I will actually need on Sunday after ditching out of work early leaving work at a reasonable time + anxiously waiting for Dr. Annebelle and Mike to arrive and for the weekend festivities to begin!

Total mileage =  12 mi

I’m very excited to be writing this two days before the marathon with no real irritating aches and pains much less any moderate to serious injuries. KNOCK ON WOOD! While the training schedule has been the victim of neglect over the past few weeks, I’m feeling health and ready to run. The 3x +19 mile training runs all went well enough so getting through the later stages of Sunday will largely be a mental exercise I think. Given the way my wicked long, irritating, unpredictable demanding work schedule has required serious logistical gymnastics in order to get my runs in, I feel I’m prepared to deal with this end-of-the-run stress better than ever before. That’s at least some consolation, right? I guess we’ll see on Sunday!

Now of course my overall goal is for my stylish self and friends to have a wonderful run. Following that, my more quantitative goals for the day are as follows:

  1. Negative splits
  2. PR (sub-4:10 if all goes smoothly or sub-4 if, as I get going, I feel like I could the run of my life, get greedy and am able to hold on to it)

The course is relatively flat, the fans are fun and weather is supposed to be very nice (50s F), so I think all of these are totally doable. It will just depend on what the day (and my legs and the soft tissue that I store between my ears) brings.

Happy Marathon Weekend!!

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