Friends w/benefits


Get Iron Fit –

Kendra is a fantastic personal trainer in the Minneapolis, MN area. She is super personable and has a bunch of different certifications and areas of specialty. She’s also sharing some totally yummy sounding recipes. Visit her website to get all the details!


Antonio Rodriguez Photography –

Antonio is a very talented photographer in Minneapolis, MN. If you’re looking for great wedding or maternity photos don’t be shy! Antonio also shoots excellent portraits of adults, families and kids. –

Ma Eschborn has some amazing photos of animals, cities, landscapes and still life to share. He has very rich diversity in his pictures and has shot something that’s sure to catch everyone’s interest. Like and comment on your favorites when you take a look.

inthedoghouseart –

inthedoghouseart is a super talented visual artist that specializes in portraits — portraits of puppy dogs being at the top of her list. If you need a piece of art commissioned for you or as a gift, she’d be a great person to do it!

MakeShift Accessories –

MakeShift Accessories is a second-to-none local artist/jeweler, Devin Johnson. All pieces are 100% original, made of 100% repurposed materials and 100% guaranteed for life. I love his approach, his philosophy and his final products. He has a huge range of jewlery types, styles and sizes so check them out for really anyone (including yourself 😉 that you might be shopping for!


Goldieblox –

Goldieblox is an awesome engineering toy made for girls. If you need a gift for a little girl age 5-9, this is it!

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