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Week 8

Mon 9/2 – rest

After getting in something that loosely resembled a week of marathon training, this was very welcome. Happy Labor Day!! ūüėÄ

Tues 9/3 – 5 mi / ~47.5 min

Here we find another run snuck in between time points by the skin of my teeth. I’ve been going back and forth about how I feel about this and I think it works for me. As long as I have what I’m doing in the lab under control, it’s nice to get out and get some fresh. Squeezing my stumpy swollen sweaty arms and hands back into the glove box’s vinyl sleeves and latex gloves is also super hot. Upon returning from my run today there was a very nerdy exciting present waiting for me —


Epindorf tube openers!!

Per the aforementioned¬†glove box, I now spend most of my days flailing about like a trapped platapus…trying to open and close tubes and pipet precious small volumes of liquid in vinyl sleeves and latex gloves that are approximately 298754 sizes too big. Dr. JBdP to the rescue! Upon realizing and (kind of) coming to terms with my fate (not really, but never mind…) I went blubbering to my wonderful former groupmate at MN, Dr. JBdP. Upon hearing my sob story he packed up my three favorite epindorf tub openers and sent them off to NJ for me! These little treasures will facilitate the opening of approximately 9582 gazillion epi tubes by Platypus¬†Trot over the next 3 years. Thank you!!

Wed 9/4 – rest

Thurs 9/5 – 10 mi / ~95 min

I was able to escape the platypus¬†costume for a day and tackle a continuous (no timepoint breaks!! ūüôā 10 mi run at the end of the day! Overall I things felt good. I fueled with 1.5 bags of gummy bears and 4 oz water. I was thirsty by the end (What? Hydrating with coffee isn’t the best MO?!?!) but not too bad. Cooler temps, 70ish, and dusk (read:dusk to night) we’re very helpful in this matter.

One thing I’ve found with training is that I hit the wall at three (progressively late) points during my training runs. Initially it’s at about 8 miles, then it’s more like 12 or 13 and then finally at around 18ish. I’ve been cautiously optimistic that I’m beyond the 8 mile wall and after today I can honestly say that I think I’m on to the ~half-marathon wall. ūüôā I guess we’ll see what happens this weekend!

Another important observation I’ve made is that the hobby of marathon running in combination with the insanity lovely job of being a postdoc results in the most flattering, classy and lab appropriate outfits possible…

Fri 9/6 – rest

Today is super exciting as I am driving up to CT for a weekend visit with my bestest marathon buddy Dr. Annebelle! This whole crazy running business began when we lived together in CT 3 years ago (my god! three years ago?!?!) so reminiscent weekend visit, here I come!

Sat 9/7 – 16.4 mi / who knows

As expected, we had an awesome long run (in matching outfits…although this should really just go without saying) along the CT coast.


We ran along the boardwalk and through some neighborhoods along the cost. It started off sunny and warm and just got warmer, but the breeze off of the water was great and this pasty skin enjoyed the rays (most of them anyway). I had 16 oz water overall, 1 bags of gummy bears and some honey chews from a friend of Dr. Anne that were crazy sweet yet still super yummy. Fueling went well. The lungs felt great and legs felt good until ~mile 13 or so. Here the knees and *gasp* left shin began to ache and *gasp* left calf began to cramp a bit. Overall the last 3 miles or so were quite a bit tougher than the first 13. I found my wall. :-/ Stretching and some deep tissue messaging will hopefully be enough to get through recovery and tomorrow’s run before resting on Monday.

I know I should have play-by-play pictures to share but I am too sweaty and too clumsy and too lazy to bring my shiny new phone with me on any runs, much less a +16 mile run. On the bright side, I am capable¬†of taking photos while on imperative running-related shopping trips. ūüôā

So you’ll surely notice Dr. Anne’s swirl Procompression socks in the professional photograph of the two of us above. This is one (very important) component of the uniform that our Dr. trotting group will be sporting at the Philly Marathon in November. Now while these are a very important component of our uniform, pants and a top will also be convenient accessories to have for the run. As far as we can tell, the plan is going to be for all of our team members to get whatever black (ruffled) skirt or shorts or capris suit them best and then wear the matching socks, top and arm warmers. Today’s mission: the tops.

This mission was actually a much tougher challenge than either of us professional shoppers had anticipated. We don’t have particularly stringent demands or anything, we just want something that’s <$15, comfy, cute, has a unique design/pattern and will look good with the socks. Nope, we aren’t picky at all…

Miraculously we did find some tops, but only two of the four that we need. It’s a real pity¬†because they are wicked comfy and super cute (our shirts…oh come on! 2 shirts, 2 of us…coincidence? I¬†think not!!…not us silly…)


Exhibit A

Another pitty…a much more serious pitty…was the pair of shorts that this top was being sold with. You’re thinking that they look ok in Exhibit A eh? Well….

Exhibit B

Exhibit B

Horrific. Seriously Nike! W.T.F?!?!

On the bright side we scored matching shirts for Sunday’s run for $12 each and are now hot on the trail of something similar for our Philly Marathon team uniforms.

On another bright side (maybe even the brightest side) we had an amazing 2 pm brunch at Bella’s Cafe in New Haven. The entire menu looked amazing but we made particularly good choices with the…


Crunchy Breakfast Burrito

and the…


Fried Polenta

If you’re interested in all of the details, check out my Bella’s Cafe restaurant review.

While we’re on the topic of food, we also had a most gluttonous wonderful dinner at Tacuba’s taco bar.


Between the three of us (Yes, I can count. Unfortunately the waiter who took the photo of all three of us was dderrrunnnkkeerrr than we were and the result more closely resembled a lesser known work by Degas than a good mediocre picture of us. Thank you Mike for stepping up to the plate and showing him how it’s done.) we ordered a shit load of the menu and there wasn’t so much as one complaint. The





lobster arepa



tacos ensenadas y vegetarianos con frijoles y arroz



tres leches

were amazing. Again, if you’re interested in all of the details, check out my Tacuba’s restaurant review.

Sun 9/8 – 8 mi / who cares

On Sunday morning we tackled our old favorite New Haven 8 mile loop. I think I can speak for the both of us in that we were pleasantly surprised about how we didn’t feel like total death! I was worried about the ramifications of Saturday’s long run and then Saturday’s eating adventures, but all went well. It was pretty warm (80ish) by the time we were done and, per usual, I was convinced that I was 2 ul away from becoming a human raisin. (Note: I miraculously evaded the transformation yet again.) The legs (shins included) and lungs fared well. But I mean really, how could they not when they look this good…


For lunch we grabbed sandwiches at our favorite neighborhood market (and marketeer), Nika’s, and headed home. Nika’s is a great New Haven neighborhood staple. There is no where else that I would have preferred to so thoroughly embarrass myself, but that’s another story, for another day…

With so much attention paid to running attire over the weekend, the tootsies and hands were starting to feel pretty neglected. Rightfully so, they are the ones doing all the works after all. Well, the feet are. Hands, WTH have you done? Anywho, neglected no more ūüôā …



Total mileage = 39.4 mi

A very good week. Got the miles in and enjoyed doing it. There really is nothing else to say (there actually may be less than nothing to say about those core exercises that keep creeping back into the tail end of these week recaps, but never mind…).


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I’m typically not the best about preparing for trips in a timely manner. Rather, you’ll find me tending to laundry, packing and last minute runs to Target the night prior to departure. This time it is going to be a bit different. ūüôā If for no other reason than to do something besides look at my frustrating manuscript, I’m going to be ready to go by Thursday. Being that it’s only Tuesday, I’d say so far so good…

Air plane outfit

Air plane outfit

The flight is going to be 36 hours with one stop in Amsterdam so I am definitely wearing comfortable clothes! Much to poor Al’s dismay, I am also wearing very colorful clothes! (I don’t want to get lost after all!)

Since planes are always so chilly I’ll wear my Nike Relay – Women’s Running Capris¬†and my bright pink Pro Compression marathon socks on the bottom. A) Everything else that I have for bottoms come down only to mid-shin at best and B) I will never fly without wearing compression again! Compression both makes the low cabin pressure much less¬†uncomfortable¬†during the flight and also significantly reduces the recovery time that (at least) I require coming off of a long flight. Given that we’ll be on our feet a lot over the next few days at altitude and that the marathon is in less than 2 weeks, I’ll take all of the help I can get! On top I’m planning for three layers of tanktop-tshirt-long sleeved tshirt. I’ll also have my¬†Mountain Hardwear super power hoody. This little friend is the¬†thickest extra/outer layer that I’m¬†bringing¬†with to keep me warm at night in the mountains while we’re camping and as a first line of defense against any nasty weather that we encounter. I’ll wear my Wave Creation 12s to top off the outfit ¬†because they’re the pair of shoes that hog up the most space in my pack, and then a headband for when the hair gets too greasy of course.

Now considering it’s going to be ~95 F during every day of the trip and then ~60s at night, packing actual clothes is a bit tricky. Never mind that the malaria and dengue fever ridden mosquitoes don’t help one bit! As of now, I think this is going to be the plan of action…

tank top, t-shirt, long-sleeved t-shirt layers

tank top, t-shirt, long-sleeved t-shirt layers

lower shin length skirts, floppy pants and maxi dresses

lower shin length skirts, floppy pants and maxi dresses

mama's wool hat and wool travel blanket and then a wool scarfs for wrapping up in at night

mama’s wool hat and wool travel blanket and then a wool scarfs for wrapping up in at night

the shoes--Mizunos, Vibrams and grandmas Tevas

the shoes–Mizunos, Vibrams and grandmas Tevas

and swim suits for Zanzibar!

and swim suits for Zanzibar!

And then there are all of these…



There are few things that can make you feel as old as a bag full of life-saving prescription medications can!

But, I should be able to distract myself with the¬†entire¬†“Tanzania” section of the Minneapolis Public Library that I have borrowed…



While this is already a whole lot of shit very important stuff, I’ve totally saved the best for last…or last for the best…hmmm… Regardless, I am very pleased to introduce my…

Mt. Kilimanjaro Marathon Outfit!

Mt. Kilimanjaro Marathon Outfit!


I still haven’t totally decided on whether I’ll wear the Nike Relay – Women’s Running Capris¬†or the Champion skirt, but I’m pretty sure I’ll go with the skirt. It’s going to be really f#c%!n& hot warm and humid throughout the run (even though it’s starting at 6:30 am!) so I think the skirt is probably the best choice. My only concern is chafing, but lord (and my jeans) knows that these trusty little legs can deal with chafing and I’d prefer to avoid the heat stroke. Anyway, lets say purple¬†Champion¬†skirt and tank top with bright orange trim and running bra, either bright green or pink¬†Pro Compression marathon socks¬†(I can’t decide which will maximize the outfit until I put it all on the morning of the race…although…maybe I should avoid the decision and just wear one of each! I’ll also choose the preferred headband and lace up my lovely Mizuno Wave Creation 12s.

The awesome¬†yellow Suunto Vector¬†(on loan courtesy my generous friend B) will be along for the ride in addition to my new pair of Women’s Tifosi Slip Wrap Sunglasses. I’m¬†super¬†excited to check out this watch. I’ve been playing around with it a bit over the last few days and it’s¬†totally awesome¬†to say the least. I’m also stoked to try out my snazzy new shades. They are a very recent purchase and had good reviews online so my fingers are crossed.

My little stash of snacks must not be forgotten either. Both Jelly Belly Sport Beans¬†and Clif Shot Bloks¬†will be getting me through the energy crashes and the walls that I hit. I sure hope they’re up for the challenge. Also, and these are very important although they aren’t pictured here, I will be carrying two 4 oz water bottles from my¬†wretched¬†not particularly wonderful running belt. I’m not sure what the water situation is going to be and I’d rather carry 8 oz of water¬†unnecessarily¬†than not have enough. Plus, If I find the extra hydration to be unnecessary, I can always just chug it and stuff the bottles in my bra. At least I’m bringing two, I wouldn’t want to do the whole run with lop-sided boobs!

The only other item that isn’t pictured that is an absolute MUST¬†for the run are my tunes. My trusty Sandisk will be facilitating the all important sing along with Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Pitbull, Akon, Fun , Nicki Minaj, and whoever else happens to partake.

Ok, so what’s left? Let’s see, I’m going to pack some snacks (Clif Bars, Luna Bars and mixed nuts) just in case I really have issues with the food and need emergency fuel the day(s) leading up to the run. I’ll also have my trusty purple Nikon Coolpix camera from about a million years ago. Although, Al will have her brothers¬†far¬†superior camera so I’ll probably get lazy and depend on her and her photography skills. :-/ (Just for the record, she does have mad skills. She’ll take on¬†anyone¬†in a go-go-gadget-extendo-arm-self (or two-person) portrait. We have these from all of our vacations, and from many other random social events when everyone else is too clumsy and/or drunk to take a good picture. I swear, she is spot on every damn time.)

With that, I think I have most of it covered! I guess my Passport and Visa are also essentials and then I have my travel notebook and a couple of beach reads stashed way too. Speaking of reads, it’s time for this kid to pull out a bed time journal article to fall asleep to and get some pre-trip rest!




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It’s a good day when you can get both Sigg bottles and Pro Compression socks for cheap! Way to go Active Gear Up!

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Bad ass house guests and being totally wrong!

Now unfortunately my buddy has been out-of-town since Sunday and that’s big-time lame-o for me. ūüė¶ Fortunately thought it is very good for him.

a. He is in Florida where it is 85 F every day (think 300% improvement from here)

b. This is the view from his hotel room


c. He’s trying to score a postdoc position with some totally brilliant people who will be there. Let’s keep the fingers crossed.

It also actually isn’t¬†all¬†bad for me. While he’s out-of-town, Pheona and I get the honor of having Penny as our house guest!

Penny & Pheona

Penny & Pheona

These two are best friends and are super fun to have around (except for having to endure their kitty MMA matches that last all night). And once in a while Princess Pheona gets out of line and Queen Penny has to put the smack down.

Queen Penny and Princess Pheona

Queen Penny and Princess Pheona

To keep myself honest, I feel like I need to add the full disclosure that I was totally wrong in Thank you Dr. Anushree…¬†ūüė¶ The scarf came from somewhere else and I have NO¬†idea where the hell that might be! I’ll have to ramp up my handwriting investigation over the next few days and test out some new interrogation techniques. Bribing graduate students with food hasn’t failed me yet, I hope it doesn’t now!

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Thank you Dr. Anushree…

…for the¬†beautiful¬†scarf! Your pretty handwriting has give you away! ūüôā

Thank you!

Thank you!

I hope your new office is smelling nicely. Have a great start to your semester!

P.S. There is a bit of a back story here (in addition to Rest, work, and find grandma’s beer day). I’ll have to share the key details someday soon.


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Rest, work and find grandma’s beer day

I convinced myself this morning that I was feeling crappy enough to take a rest day and go to work instead. It’s supposed to be in the 30’s all this week so that’ll be nicer on the lungs (you know you’re in MN when…) and I should be able to get my miles in.

What are two things that can make going to work on a Sunday wonderful?

a) Reproducible data!!!

b) A beautiful Secret Santa surprise waiting for me in my mail box!


I have no idea who it is from. Alright, that’s a lie. I have two good guesses, but I have to compare handwriting samples before I’ll go public with my prime suspect. I’m serious. Anyway, the scarf is¬†beautiful¬†and it totally matches what I was wearing today. Don’t look too closely or it will look suspiciously similar to what I was wearing yesterday too! ūüėģ

Now to finish up on a depressing note, the poor Vikings were issued a rather embarrassing beat down last night. As a result, I’m in search of a case of Fulton beer and a mail service that will deliver it to grandmama in Wisconsin. Any suggestions and/or coping techniques would be most welcome.

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