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Hamptons Marathon Training – Week 3

Sunday 6/2
5 lovely miles through the rolling hills of Berkeley

Monday 6/3
2000 miles (from CA back to the lovely NJ)

Tuesday 6/4

Wednesday 6/5
5 fat, slow, painful, sluggish, water balloon mascarading as a Dr. Trot, miles
warm, but not that warm
It was one of those runs that was just great to be finally done with and makes you appreciate the days when running doesn’t suck :-/

Thursday 6/6
5 after work miles — soooooooo much better than yestereday
+ The Bachelorette viewing (complete with a dinner of cookies and chips)

Friday 6/7
rest day
+ NYC trip #2 in 3 weeks 🙂
In related news, have you ever wondered what $9 million can get you on the lower west side? If so, wonder no longer…

You’re welcome.

Saturday 6/8
11 morning NYC miles — up from the Lower West side to Central Park, through the park (complete with a few hundred of my cyclist friends…

…and a smattering of my beloved public water fountains…

…take note NJ, take note), and back down town (complete with a game of tourist + trash heap Frogger)
+ a day of trekking…and shopping…

…and eating (at Merci, Isabella and Otto)…

…all over my favorite city in the world. 🙂 A wonderful weekend 🙂

Total: 26 miles
It was nice to get some more miles in this week and get the first double digit long run under the belt. Days are heating up, work is piling up and the weekly milage is creeping up. It’s finally summer 🙂

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Sweet deals

Check out the sweet deals on ActiveGearUp right now.

1. Loads  of Timbuk2 bags, duffles, totes, wallets, etc… are on sale for over 60% off.


While I probably definitely shouldn’t admit this, I have three of these lovelies and absolutely adore each of them. If you need a sporty, yet stylish yet somehow professional looking and very functional (THEY ARE WATERPROOF!!) bag/wallet/whatever, these are the way to go. You can pick your style size and customize its appearance to be exactly the way you like (on the Timbuk2 website…not ActiveGearUp…but for wicked cheep, the standard ones on ActiveGearUp are fantastic)

2. Sigg bottles are on sale for over 60% off.


These are great for the environment and for keeping hydrated. There are a bunch of different sizes and colors/patters available on ActiveGearUp right now, some for under $8! Save a fish or two and stay properly hyrdated with one (or two) of these!

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SIGG bottles on sale!

SIGG bottles are on sale on Active Gear UpSigg

They are so nice for the environment and come in so many shapes and sizes and adorable designs! At over 50% off it’s a damn good deal!

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$20 off $100 running shoes on Amazon!

Amazon has a $20 off $100 running shoes sale going on right now.


The sale is good for both men’s and women’s shoes and they have loads of brands and styles to choose from. The promo code to remember when you’re checking out is RUNSHOES. Enjoy!

P.S. Yes I still have a job.

P.P.S. No I won’t have it for much longer if I continue to send the day shopping, watching YouTube videos and blogging.


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