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Hamptons Marathon Training – Week 10

Sunday 7/20
8 miles @ 9:40/mi

Monday 7/21

Tuesday 7/22
5 miles @ 8:40/mi

Wednesday 7/23
rest ­čÖé

Thursday 7/24
8 miles @ 8:56/mi

Friday 7/25
Princeton to Boston miles for the KrakSmad wedding of the summer!


We wear fancy tshirts to fancy weddings.

Saturday 7/26
14 beautiful Boston morning miles @ 9:01/mile


The Commons

+ Brunch…


Hmmmmm ­čÖé

+ Newbury Street Shopping
+ Wedding festivities of the summer forever at the Boston Public Library…





with my hottest wedding dates…


Date Dr. Annebelle


Date A x


Ok, not my dates exactly, but they had to be included...

And only one mysterious injury…


No idea. None.

Total: 35 miles
Not such a bad week. Miles felt good overall and don’t mind me patting my own back for getting the old ass out of bed at 6 am on vacation Saturday for a solo 14 mile run. Never mind that it was through The Commons, Cambridge, and along the river (complete with a google map on the cell phone that displayed public water fountains!!! on a beautiful morning and just join in the patting…

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Hamptons Marathon Training – Week 5

Consider this your first of two ridiculously delayed Hamptons Marathon training updates. The first order of business is for Dr. Trot to wrap her little brain around how life so often gets so totally out of control?!?!
I suppose the answer to that question isn’t all that difficult, eh? It starts with the fact that Mon-Fri are packed with more “normal” work than a reasonable human being can handle and then Sat-Sun are packed with more “postdoc” work than a reasonable human blablabla…. And then you try to squeeze a few miles in here and there, and then a few more, and then god-forbid you have a friend or two, and then the rest of your life starts screaming at you… Summer times is best/worst for this. Work is exciting, but way to GD much, running is lovely but time consuming and oh my poor, neglected, yes still so understanding friends… :-/

Sunday 6/15
A warm afternoon 6 mi @ 8:37/mi
It felt good to turn the legs over and was a pleasant recovery from Saturday’s rough long run.

Monday 6/16

Tuesday 6/17
Another warm ~ 4 mi @ 8:19/mi
I was practically moving at the speed of light today! Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday 6/18
6 mi @ a comfy, non-Garmin-Day pace

Thursday 6/19
(rest = drive up to CT for Dr. Annebelle’s wedding weekend! ­čśÇ

Friday 6/20
4 lovely morning miles in CT with the bride-to-be @ who cares min/mi
+ a mad dash first around the hotel room, and then back and forth between cars, around the house, up and down the street and then up and down and through the ditch in search of a purse, a wallet, two credit cards and a driver’s license who apparently do not prefer traveling via Beetle-rooftop. :-/
In the end, Dr. Trot: 1, sissy (yet important…as is ironically so often the case…but never mind…) plastic cards: 0. ­čÖé


I got-em back!

Saturday 6/21
rest = brunch, hair and make-up done, catered lunch, etc…


A very fancy Dr. T

rest = rest today…until the party started :-/ And then rest = WEDDING!! ­čśÇ,


pictures, more great food, doube triple dessert, a lot of whiskey, singing, dancing, dancing, dancing, and dancing…

rest fueling and cross training day ­čÖé

Total: 20 miles
Not a particularly great milage week but a damn good life week so I’ll take it. It’s not every weekend that you get to celebrate one of your favorite partners in crime tying the knot with one of her favorite partners in crime on an absolutely beautiful day (looking absolutely beautiful herself…of course)

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What a week!

Holy god it has been a busy week! I guess commencement + bridal shower + thesis defense will do that to a person. Good thing I have two helpers around to make sure everything gets done properly.

The first very important order of business was to get my nails did (for all of the┬áaforementioned┬áactivities…a very responsible way to prepare) and then test them out with a round of patty-cake with Penny. All 10 fingers passed.


P.S.┬áKCN nails┬áin Minneapolis is awesome. Its owned and operated by 3 little Asian ladies (duh), in a part of town that’s just the right amount of hood, and for $13 bucks these babies will be able to play more patty-cake than I even want to think about.

Next we went shopping at Costco for food for Anna’s bridal shower on Saturday.


Upon returning home there was a full inspection of course.

SAMSUNGSomeone is bound and determined to chew her way through 4 pineapple tops in 2.5 days. That’s 1.6 pineapple tops a day Penny┬ánameless individual! Correcting for our (slight) differences in weight, that’d be like me eating 16 pineapple tops a day! Why am I still talking about this?

Next we did some dishes:

Now this is a crappy picture, but the water is ON and she is right in the stream. What can I say? I teach my dishwashers to be hearty!

Now this is a crappy picture, but the water is ON and she is right in the stream. What can I say? I teach my dishwashers to be hearty!

And rested:


(Let the record reflect on who is slaving way in the sink and who is snoozing on the ottoman.) Just sayin’. (This be how yo learn a talk when yo get’n yo nails did).

Finally, we pulled ourselves together this morning. When we realized that it was above 30F for the morning commute we dusted and de-furred Senor Bianchi, bundled up and took the first ride of the summer in to work. ­čÖé

2013-04-25 07.20.04

The fact that the glasses (allegedly) make me look like a Jedi pilot is not my fault. They are stolen, and the individual that I acquired them from has yet to realize that they have gone missing. Yes, this makes the Jedi factor totally not my fault.

Even though it’s only 4 miles to work I totally have to wear biking clothes for the ride and change once I get there, regardless of the weather. A) I sweat a lot (attractive, I know…I try) and B) my pants are too tight to bike in and I refuse to skip dessert.

Today’s ensemble (32F on the way in and 50F on the way back, sunny and calm for both): fleece lined compression tights from Target last year, Chicago marathon tshirt,┬áMountain Hardwear super power hoody, shorty socks, Pearl Izumi select MTBs┬áfrom a million years ago┬áPearl Izumi Gel FF gloves (also from a million years ago) and stolen sunglasses.

The morning was chilly and the afternoon was warm but good god I’ll take it! ­čÖé

Unfortunately, the next few days are going to be too busy to get back out again for a while. ­čśŽ ┬áFortunately, I will be busy doing some pretty fun shit…

  1. Commencement is tomorrow. Cross your fingers that I don’t fall on my face when I walk across the stage (I don’t want any injuries that will hamper pineapple cutting)!┬á
  2. Anna’s bridal shower is on Saturday. Thank god it’s supposed to be 70F on Saturday! Now my fingers and toes are all still crossed of course (hence the┬áaforementioned┬áconcern about falling on my face) but I’m a shit load less worried than I was a week ago!
  3. My thesis defense (baring a catastrophe) is on Friday, May 3rd!!!

I will return to do justice to each of these three items as they happen/I freak out about them happening.

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I got a little package yesterday filled with the 100 invitations for sister Anna’s bridal shower! I was pleasantly surprised with the way they turned out. (Not that I thought I did a particularly shitty job or anything, but I feel things can look one way online and then very different in real life so you don’t really know what you’re getting until you get it.) Anyway, they look great, way to go Vistaprint!



Now it’s just a matter of addressing all of them and mailing them out. :-/


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Japanese weekend!

It’s weekend was full of non-thesis writing and non-running fun activities!

Saturday afternoon was spent hanging out with my sister Caeli who is back from Italy for the next 2 weeks ­čÖé Then, I spent Saturday night pretending to be a little social butterfly. First, we had our bi-annual Kaznessis group gathering. We are quite the rambunctious bunch…3 parties in 6 years. Whooooo! Watch out! After that, we had Corrie’s 30th birthday to celebrate for the rest of the night. Ian and Corrie went to Costal Seafood in St Paul and bought them out of a variety of yummy sushi fish. I have to admit, I was rathe skeptical at first, but it was a total (diarrhea free) success! They supplied the fish, we brought sushi-fiable ingredients and we went to town making super tasty rolls. I totally recommend doing this if you want to do something a little different for once. Sharpen your knives and clean off your counters!!

Now on Sunday morning, my sushi-filled belly and I headed off bright and early for origami flower folding in Willmar, MN. My sister Anna, her fianc├ę Cameron and our mama (Anna’s and my mama…Cameron has a different mama…we are in Minnesota boys and girls, not Alabama…) folded flowers for 5 hours. That’s right, FIVE HOURS. But we got them done! What are “them”? Well, amongst other things, Anna and Cameron are doing something quite cool for all of the flowers that they are having in their wedding. Rather than having real flowers, they are having all origami flowers! All of our bouquets, the boutineers and decorations on tables. Now I find it more than a bit ironic that my friend Maroof is actually the one who came up with this brilliant idea (I’m being uncharactistically sincere here, I do think it is a brilliant idea) yet somehow he found himself in an unfortunate circumstance that kept him trapped back at work on Sunday rather than in Willmar folding flowers. Hmmmmm…. We did it though! The four of us made it through. And the very pretty fruits of our labor made it worth it for sure…





(Note: Aforementioned “other cool things” include wearing chucks instead of formal shoes and wearing a birdcage instead of a veil.)

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